Welcome to G5

Danish Veteran & Friendship Fellowship

The Mainstay is military experience – The Foundation is a strong community – Interest is military history.

The veteran group G5, consists of veterans, former- and still serving personnel of the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the Home Guard and other related friends. G5 is developing rapidly, and since its formal formation in 2014, it has supported several worthy purposes, such as veteran work and relevant military history projects. G5 feels a natural commitment to making a difference to what our members believe is our shared responsibility and legacy.

The G5 annually organizes a military history journey for its members. The purpose is to cultivate the community in the context of unique military-historical experiences.


  1. Innovation – G5 is committed to being innovative. To think and work innovative is the way to constantly being prepared for the future.
  2. Loyalty – Loyalty is a key value in G5. Despite the fact that members can have different opinions and views, it is a key value that we reach agreement and above all maintain the loyalty to each other.
  3. Competences – G5 possesses many military and civilian competences. The G5 would like to offer you its wide range of expertise if needed.


  1. To create unique experiences for members that strengthen the community and interest in military history
  2. To contribute to everything that creates value for Danish veterans and military history projects.
  3. To create relationships and cooperation with other organizations, companies and authorities that find our work interesting.